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How to Turn Your #GivingTuesday Fundraiser Launch Into a Success

Written by: Dominic Mount, Area Development Manager—Ontario & Atlantic Canada, November 22, 2019

Looking for unique fundraising ideas? #GivingTuesday is the perfect day to launch your holiday FUNDrive® fundraiser. While little elves are working hard preparing holiday gifts, folks are getting rid of the old to make room for the new! With the season of giving upon us, it is the perfect time to collect gently used goods and raise money for your nonprofit organization.

Step 1

Decide how long you will collect. We’ve found groups looking to raise money with FUNDrive are the most successful when promoting and collecting over a four- to six-week timeframe. For those kicking off events in late November and early December, that puts your drop off-date in the first days of the New Year. What better way to start the new year than with funds for your cause?

Step 2

Schedule your event on the FUNDrive Portal and design your Social Media Pledge Page (SMPP) to get your team excited about holding an eco-friendly fundraiser. The SMPP is a great tool other organizations have used to share the “why” behind their fundraising cause. The page is used to collect pledges and, when shared in social media, can help you surpass your fundraising goal!

Check out the resource section of the portal, you’ll find all sorts of goodies to launch a successful fundraiser. There are flyers, posters, and even templates for emails and press releases. Don’t forget to connect regularly with your fundraising representative, who is there to answer questions and help you navigate the portal.

Step 3

Celebrate! You and your organization just held a fundraising event and helped save usable goods from landfills. Be sure to share your success on social media and thank your supporters. Tag the official FUNDrive Facebook page and Instsagram Account by using @FUNDriveFundraiser and use the hashtag #FUNDriveWin for the opportunity to be reposted and featured on the FUNDrive blog.

Step 4

Refer! Refer! Refer! With the completion of your FUNDrive, you are now eligible to participate in the FUNDrive Referral Program. Your organization can earn $50 for each new nonprofit it refers to the FUNDrive® program*. To participate, simply send the name of the organization, along with their contact information of another nonprofit organization that may be interested in raising funds to your FUNDrive representative. Once the referred group hosts their first event and identifies you as the source, we will send your group $50 via direct deposit or check.

Giving Tuesday is fast approaching. Get ready to launch your campaign today!

*Terms and Conditions apply.