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Harmony #118 Beats Fundraising Goal Thanks to Social Media Pledge Page

Written by: Barb Meeters, Harmony Assembly #118, November 20, 2019

Harmony Assembly International Order of the Rainbow for Girls is a Masonic Youth organization out of Batavia, IL. We work to prepare girls for responsible and purposeful adulthood through character and leadership development. Volunteering and community service are a large part of our program. We often fundraise to support initiatives in the community, which brought us to FUNDrive®.

FUNDrive Blog Post Harmony Computer

Our assembly has been hosting FUNDrive® events for approximately three years now. The girls love the opportunity to easily raise money without having to go out and do the typical door to door selling. Our summer 2019 FUNDrive was by far the most successful fundraiser we have done so far for one key reason: our Social Media Pledge Page.

We decided to do things a little differently this time around and focused on marketing our drive online. Since we last held a FUNDrive, the program launched an enhanced online portal. The portal allows organizers to manage the scheduling and tracking of their events all on their own. It also includes an option for a personalized Event Pledge Page which is generated within the system. The Social Media Pledge Page is a great way to advertise your fundraiser at no cost to your group. We enjoyed setting up the page because we could tell everyone why we were fundraising, and the girls and their families were able to share the Pledge Page with supporters. They sent links through text, email, and posted it on various social media channels.

The page tracks your progress, and we enjoyed watching the graph increase each time someone new pledged a bag or two. As an organizer, it was always exciting to check the account and see how close we were to reaching our goal. I am delighted to say that the assembly ended up not only reaching but surpassing our goal by over 60%. Without the assistance of the pledge page, we might not have been able to reach some of the people that made our success possible.

The development of the Social Media Pledge Page was an impressive enhancement to the FUNDrive® portal. It definitely helped our assembly surpass our fundraising goal.