How I Became a FUNDrive Leader

Written by: Fran Meadows, FUNDrive® Market Associate, September 07, 2018

As a PTO Board member and volunteer for my son’s school, I’ve been lucky enough to be part of many wonderful events over the years, so when the opportunity came up to help host a Savers® FUNDrive® for my son’s school, I jumped right in. The FUNDrive was a simple fundraiser that raised approximately $500 for our PTO simply by collecting donated goods and selling to Savers – but something more came out of it that I wasn’t expecting…

About a month after our event, my FUNDrive contact, Joanne, called to check in and see if we wanted to host a future FUNDrive event for the school, and she casually mentioned a possible job opportunity. Joanne knew how enthusiastic I was about the FUNDrive program and in a matter of weeks, I went from a volunteer organizing events for my son’s school to a full-time Savers FUNDrive Market Associate covering the Metro West MA, Ohio and Upstate NY territories.

Seeing the program from different sides was so valuable! I was able to go into my position more confident knowing the experience of a school PTO volunteer interested in hosting a FUNDrive, while learning the other aspects of the FUNDrive program with the guidance of my team.

Being a FUNDrive Market Associate allows me to work with many great non-profit organizations, but my most memorable FUNDrive was working with Top Notch Cheer a cheerleading team in Fremont, Ohio. I felt like I was cheering along with them, feeling their excitement as they hosted their own FUNDrive and collected donations to help fund team member expenses. At the end of their FUNDrive, Top Notch Cheer collected 9,961 pounds of clothing, raising nearly $2,000. What a great feeling knowing that the Savers FUNDrive program helped them reach their goals to support their cheer team.


I feel so lucky to be a part of the Savers FUNDrive experience!

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