A Tradition of Giving: Spreading the Spirit of Giving Beyond the Holidays

Written by: Ladaska Burton, Social Media and Digital Marketing Manager—FUNDrive®, November 26, 2018

The end of November unofficially kicks off the giving season, a time when people get together to celebrate family and abundance. It’s also a time people pause and consider how they can give back. Pantry donation requests are appearing at grocery store checkouts and holidays such as #GivingTuesday encourage everyone to connect on a global level.

As an organizer for a nonprofit, you are in a unique position to foster the spirit of giving in your community and continue your commitment to service through the support of your own organization.

During this time of the year things are pretty hectic, but you can still act on that desire to give. Here are a few ideas to help focus your efforts and even start preparing your next FUNDrive® event during the holiday season.

Personal Commitment and Reflection

Often when people fall into a groove with their organization, they forget to take time to reflect and plan. Utilize the time during the holidays to reflect on this year’s accomplishments and the hard work you’ve done for your organization. Decide where the new year will take you. Write down your thoughts, goals and words of encouragement. Revisit them around this time the following year for inspiration and guidance.

Get the Family Involved

Traditions are synonymous with the holiday season. You have your plan, now share it with your family. Discuss as a group all the good work you’ve done individually and talk about how you can work together to accomplish more. Agree to find a special time each year where you can come together to reflect and devise action plans for the year to come. Keep it going and form your own tradition of giving.

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Schedule an Event

You may not have time to host a FUNDrive event for your organization this holiday season, but that doesn’t mean you can’t plan one. Get the ball rolling on your next event and reach out to your FUNDrive representative. Actually scheduling the event while you’re in the giving spirit will hold you accountable to your newly devised commitment. Setting up the event only takes a few minutes and your FUNDrive representative is available to help you each step of the way. Click here to get started.

Save the Dates

Take advantage of the New Year purge. After exchanging gifts and loading up on Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, people often find their closets bursting at the seams. Come the beginning of the year, they will be ready to unload the goods they no longer need. This is a perfect opportunity for you to act on the commitment you made to yourself and your organization. The gentle reminder of a Save-the-Date will encourage the supporters of your organization to set aside access items to support your cause. Pull together an email list of people who have supported you in the past as well as newly found friends and neighbors.


Your efforts as a community organizer are to be applauded. Your commitment to planning and dedication to fundraising allows your organization to serve its members and surrounding community. The gift of your time is what fuels the giving season and with these tips, you can start your own tradition of giving.

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