30 Ways to Celebrate Earth Month with FUNDrive®

Written by: Ladaska Burton, Marketing Manager—FUNDrive® Digital, April 12, 2019

This year marks the 49th anniversary of Earth Month, a time set aside for people all over the world to focus on environmental preservation. While Earth Day is observed on April 22, you can commit the entire month to conservation and sustainability. Here are a few recommendations from the FUNDrive® team on how you can celebrate each day of the month.

1. Earth Month Kickoff!

It’s no joke, today is the first day of Earth Month. Kick off Earth Month by scheduling a FUNDrive® Fundraiser. Ninety-five percent of clothes North Americans throw away each year could be reused or recycled. When you host a FUNDrive and collect donations of gently used clothing, you help reduce your clothing footprint and earn money for your nonprofit group.

2. Electricity Use Check

Are you using energy efficiently? Check the settings of your electronics today, make sure they’re set to the lowest settings and using the least amount of power.

3. Find an Event

Check out Earth Month events sponsored by organizations in your area. Plan to attend and further your knowledge.

4. Take a Walk

Today is National Take a Walk Day! Take 30 minutes out of your day for a nature walk. Find a wooded area where you can enjoy the natural beauty our Earth has to offer. Nature Walk

5. Ride your bike to work/school

Celebrate your Friday with a bike ride to work or school. Too far to bike? Cut out a short trip you’d usually make in the car and bike instead.

6. Skip the Trip. Shop thrift.

Skip your planned trip to the mall and empty your online shopping cart. Make a commitment to reuse and visit your local thrift store. Visit a Savers® or Value Village™ store. bag-black-and-white-black-and-white-2097472

7. Change your laundry routine

One of the biggest impacts fashion has on the environment is in upkeep. Make the decision to wear your pants one more time without washing. When you do, wash them in cold water instead of hot in order to maintain their color and conserve more energy.

8. Cut 5 minutes off your shower this week

Keep water conservation top of mind. Shave five minutes off your shower time each day to save approximately 19 gallons of water per shower.

9. Say NO to bags

Making a quick trip to the store to purchase a one-off item? Skip the bag and carry the item in your hand or slip it into the bag you brought. Bonus points for purchasing a reusable bag and bringing it back next time.

10. Rethink Clean

gloves-4017614 1920 Most spills and grime can be cleaned with basic combinations of solutions you already have in your home. Research DIY cleaning methods that require fewer chemicals to help reduce the amount of chemicals released into the environment.

11. Opt for precycling

What is precycling? Precycling is looking for opportunities to use products with less packaging. Consider buying in bulk, use your own container when possible and combine shipments to save on the number of boxes delivered. If we reduce the amount of initial waste produced, there will be less to recycle.

12. Reuse Audit

Take a look around your home. What disposable products can you switch to reusable items? Still relying on plastic grocery bags, swap them for reusable canvas bags. In love with bottled water? Recycle your last one and switch to a reusable water bottle instead. Just say no to using paper towels and clean up with a washcloth instead.

13. National Gardening Day

Enjoy time in your garden today. A personal garden not an option? Stop by a community or responsibly sourced nursery and pick up a nice plant for your home. planting-865294 1920

14. Spring Clean

Spring has sprung and it’s time to get a jump on your spring cleaning. In addition to cleaning out the cobwebs, clear out your closets of unwanted clothing items. Use those items to kick off your next FUNDrive® fundraising event.

15. Schedule a FUNDrive® Event

Lots of stuff laying around after your big spring clean? Consider scheduling a FUNDrive® fundraiser for your nonprofit. It only takes six weeks to plan an event.

16. Set your sleep timer

Many of us are guilty of falling asleep with the TV on. Leaving the TV on all night not only disrupts your sleep, but it also burns valuable energy. Get in the habit of turning on your sleep time as soon as you climb into bed.

17. Carpool to work

If you usually drive by yourself to work, help cut down on CO2 emissions by carpooling for the day. You’ll have a chance to catch up with a coworker and maybe turn carpooling into a regular thing. Carpool

18. Knowledge is power

Educate yourself on today’s pressing environmental issues by watching a documentary, reading a blog or listening to a podcast.

19. Spring Clean

Spring has sprung and it’s time to get a jump on your spring cleaning. In addition to cleaning out the cobwebs, clear out your closets of unwanted clothing items. Use those items to kick off your next FUNDrive® fundraising event.

Need additional motivation? Join the 40 Bags in 40 Days℠ Decluttering Challenge. The 40 Bags in 40 Days℠ Decluttering challenge is a daily challenge that encourages you to focus on one area of your home a day. Each day for 40 days, you fill a garbage bag with items in your home you no longer need. Visit the 40 Bags in 40 Days℠ section of her site to download checklists, sign up for her daily email course and join a special Facebook group just for those who are taking on the challenge. 40Bags40Days Graphic Updated

20. Switch to Paperless

Help reduce the amount of paper waste you receive by switching to paperless billing today.

21. Get Nostalgic

Easter Eggs If you’re hunting Easter eggs today, consider swapping out the plastic disposable eggs for hard boiled. You’ll be reducing plastic waste and creating a yummy snack at the same time. Be sure to compost any unused eggs.

22. Earth Day!

Today’s the day.

23. National Picnic Day

Take your meal outside and enjoy some time with friends or family. Don’t forget to pick up before you leave and don’t disturb or feed the wildlife.

24. State of Reuse Report

Do you know how your fashion choices affect the environment? Check out the Savers® annual “State of Reuse” and learn more about sustainable fashion.

25. Workplace Activist

Convince your workplace to make minor changes such as switching to reusable utensils in the kitchen and defaulting the printer settings to double-sided.

26. Plant a tree

Help fight climate change by planting a tree. If planting a tree isn’t an option, donate to an organization that will plant one for you. agriculture-backyard-blur-296230

27. Pick Up Trash

Grab a group of friends and organize a trash pickup day. If you’d prefer to work along, simply take a pair of gloves and a bag with you out on your next walk.

28. Rethink Reuse® Art Activities

Take a cue from the Savers® Rethink Reuse® installations. Find a way to use discarded objects around you and turn them into art.

29. Meatless Monday

The meat industry is responsible for nearly 20% of human greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. Help reduce your carbon footprint by choosing one day a week not to eat mean. appetite-butternut-squash-close-up-1851468

30. Make an action plan

You’ve spent the month exploring different aspects of environmental issues and even changed up your own routine. Consider what changes you will keep going forward and how to encourage others to take a similar stance.

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