Using Social Media to Boost Holiday Weekend Fundraising Events

Written by: Dominic Mount, Area Development Manager—Ontario & Atlantic Canada, May 15, 2019

Savvy fundraising organizers book their FUNDrive® deliveries right after a long weekend. They find their donors are likely at home with family and getting ready for the season ahead. This may seem counterintuitive but planning the marketing and promotional strategy for the prior week will make a considerable impact on your event’s success.

The key is to stay top-of-mind and keep folks interested. Social media is a great way to do this. Focus on collection of content as your call to action and don’t be afraid to post 2-5 times per day in order to build-up to the long weekend. Here are some tips on how to mix it up:

  • The weekend before the long weekend: Take a before and after picture of one of your closets focusing on how great it feels to purge and help a great cause: yours! Make this a challenge for others. Let folks know where the money is going and what you goal is?
  • On Wednesday: Email everyone you know. Let them know how many bags you need to reach your FUNDrive goal. A countdown makes it fun and it’s perfect for your social media page.
  • On Thursday: Get your volunteers prepared for a Text-for-Pick-up over the weekend and share this information.
  • On Friday: Post the number of bags needed along with the text-for pick-up information. Don’t forget that before and after photo!
  • On Saturday and Sunday: Flood your social media with photos of folks giving and your gratitude from the pick-up activities. If they have before and after photos, even better!
  • On Monday: Get a tally! How many bags did you generate? Celebrate and let everyone know they made a difference and helped your group earn funds.

Long weekends are a precious time to be with family, to help communities and for creating lasting memories. If you can inspire your friends and family to spend 20-minutes, 3-4 times a year over a long weekend, your FUNDrive events will run themselves and you’ll only need to pick your dates. Have a long weekend coming up and think it's too late to plan? No worries, events can be planned in as little as SIX weeks. Reach out to your FUNDrive representative and schedule your event today. Have fun raising funds!

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