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Tips and Tricks for Referral Bonus Success

Written by: FUNDrive Team, January 19, 2022

The FUNDrive® referral bonus program is a great way to earn extra funds for your nonprofit ($50 everytime BTW). Getting started is as simple as logging in to view the all new referral bonus page, where you will find sharable links to help you spread the word about FUNDrive®. Share your code and when another nonprofit completes their first FUNDrive®, we'll pay your organization and their organization $50. Easy!

Take these steps for success and earn extra funds for your nonprofit in no time.

1. Share, share, and share some more!: Post that referral link on Facebook in your timeline, stories, personal messages, on your organization page, and directly in Facebook groups. Sharing once is great, but the more you share, the more success you will have, so have your group mark their calendar to share that referral link monthly.

2. Don't limit your sharing only to social media: Don't forget other mediums, like newsletters, printed programs and banners. Be sure you include your referral code everywhere you can to reach people who might not see it on social media.

3. Network within your organization: Work within your organization to identify connections with other nonprofits, such as sports teams, scouts, churches, and community groups. Everyone should have at least one connection, which is a great place to start! Then kick things off right by launching a referral bonus email campaign. Have each member of your organization share your referral code in an email to at least 20 people.

4. Make sure to include your FUNDrive® success story: FUNDrive® is an eco-friendly way for nonprofits to earn funds without selling door to door, so make sure when you share your referral code, you are also sharing why FUNDrive® works for your organization. Not only does this add credibility, but it helps other nonprofits see how easy it will be for them to earn funds with FUNDrive®.

Ready to get started? Log in to view your referral bonus page and share away!