The Best Secret to Planning the Perfect School Fundraising Calendar

Written by: Ladaska Burton, Marketing Manager—FUNDrive® Digital, October 09, 2019

When developing your school’s fundraising calendar, balance is key. Fundraising committees of successful PTOs, PTAs, and other parent-teacher organizations have learned a healthy mix of different fundraisers throughout the year helps increase participation and decrease fundraising fatigue. Building at least two FUNDrive® events* into your fundraising plan can help keep your school community engaged. FUNDrive is one of the only fundraisers for nonprofits where families don’t have to buy something to support their school.

To get started on your calendar, divide the school year into three periods: fall, winter, and spring. Plan passive fundraisers (e.g. Amazon Smile!) and label collection programs to run continuously. These fundraising ideas require little effort from your team. Simply communicate these programs at the beginning of the school year to remind current families and educate families new to the school.

Fall is perfect for your first FUNDrive collection. Encourage families to donate clothes and small household items they no longer need; it is the giving season after all. Since many schools hold their biggest product sales this time of year, your school community will be happy to get rid of excess stuff and make room for the new. Consider hosting a family event night fundraiser where families can drop off donations and have a little fun.

Volunteer-dependent fundraisers, such as holiday-themed shops, are a staple during winter months. Families are busy preparing for the holidays, so restaurant fundraisers are also a good choice. Restaurant fundraisers where your school receives a portion of food sales require little effort and limited volunteers.

By spring, your school will be ready for another FUNDrive clothing donation drive. Considering it will be your second FUNDrive of the year, families will be familiar with the concept and anticipate the drive. Choose a theme like "Spring Cleaning FUNDrive" include a competition for a little boost in participation.

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*The ability to schedule FUNDrives depends on store availability. Work with your FUNDrive® representative to confirm scheduling.

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