Student-Run FUNDrive® Event Yields Community Service Hours and Dog Smooches

Written by: Elina Oda, FUNDrive® Market Associate, February 12, 2019

FUNDrive® events can do so much more than simply raise funds for your organization. They are a great opportunity for students to earn community service hours and support a cause close to their hearts. A group of El Dorado High School students found this out during their December 2018 fundraiser to benefit the Autism Service Dogs of America (ASDA).

ASDA is a nonprofit, community-based organization formed to aid children with special needs. ASDA’s mission is to make a positive impact on the lives of individuals living with autism, and their families, by providing exceptionally well-trained service dogs. So how did these two groups hook up? It turns out one of the teachers at the Placentia, California high school raises dogs for ASDA. As a part of the dogs’ training, they are often in the classroom during the day. The students soon formed a special relationship with the dogs and were moved by the organization’s mission. When they learned they could help support the organization through fundraising, they were elated. When they realized they could complete their work and receive credit, it was a done deal.

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After learning of the success other organizations in the community had with the FUNDrive program, the students led the charge and set up a series of donation collection events. The hours they spent planning, organizing and collecting were rewarding on their own, but they also earned community service hours for helping collect items during the events. Community service hours are a requirement for graduation, so the students were delighted they were able to impact an organization they truly cared about while fulfilling school obligations.

There was additional work to be done since the students were not a part of ASDA themselves. They needed to seek permission from ASDA in order to fundraise on behalf of the organization. Undeterred, they shared their idea with organizers and received approval! ASDA helped with the process by setting up a FUNDrive account and registering for direct deposit. The students went to work setting up dates, marketing, collecting items and finally delivering the collections to the designated drop off location in Yorba Linda, California. The process was so easy since FUNDrive paid for the goods by directly depositing the earnings to ASDA and no additional paperwork was required by the school or students.

The dedication of this group of young students is to be admired. They were able to combine a required activity with a passion and serve their greater community. Organizations often turn away local youth looking for volunteer opportunities due to age restrictions. This group created their own opportunity by using the FUNDrive program.

For more information on how you can work with other organizations to host a FUNDrive for your nonprofit, please reach out to your FUNDrive representative or contact us here.

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