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Square Barn PTA Raises $1,500 with FUNDrive®

Written by: FUNDrive Team, August 26, 2022

Goal: To raise money with FUNDrive® by collecting clothing and household items to get a shade structure for Mackeben Elementary and Conley Elementary who share a playground.

How it came to be: The idea was originally brought up by a mom who was doing one for her kid’s baseball team. Volunteer Amanda Strauss from Square Barn PTA in Huntley, IL wanted to expand on this idea and started to get approval for doing a FUNDrive®.

Spreading the word: The school’s principle sent out a newsletter and social media post asking for participation and donations. Empty garbage bags with flyers stapled on them were also placed around the school ready to collect reusable items from parents, students, and the community.

Motivation and teacher’s bragging rights: A healthy competition happened quickly and organically as teachers encouraged participation while playfully bragging how their school would get more donations over the other. (FUNDrive® pays for those items collected helping the PTA earn funds for their school’s goals.)

Success in the amount of over $1,500: Not only was this money applied toward their shaded playground area but for teacher grants, which allows teachers to get paid back for items they buy for the classroom out of their own pocket.

A positive attitude goes a long way: “Everyone was happy to participate, and no one complained,” says Amanda. “Most everyone was just happy to clean out their closets and know they were doing good,” she continues. “FUNDrive® is a great way to help you get what you need for you school, teachers, and more.”