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Social Media Helps Stunt Team Earn $1,600

Written by: FUNDrive Team, February 02, 2023

Social media helps stunt team earn $1,600

The North Valley Christian Academy Middle School Stunt Team needed to raise funds for uniforms and competition fees, so instead of coordinating a bake sale or selling wrapping paper, they turned to FUNDrive®. Not only did their FUNDrive® earn over $1,600, but the school community loved it as well. It gave them an opportunity to clean out their house and have those donations go to something near and dear to their heart.

The key to their success was taking advantage of social media. Fundraising coordinator Teresa Alvarado knew that with the demands of everyday life for middle school families and a short timeline, she needed to get the word out about their FUNDrive® to as many people as possible, as quickly as possible. Teresa started out with generic posts before the FUNDrive® began to get people excited to start them thinking about what they could donate. She kept up a steady pace of posting at least once a week, if not once every few days, leading up to their event so the community was ready and excited to get rolling.

Once it was time for the event to kick off their FUNDrive®, Teresa put her posts into high gear with Facebook reels. Reels are Facebook videos that help your content be seen by a larger audience. The first reel Teresa created was a video of all the donations piling up in her garage and reminding people that donation drop off day was coming. That reel was viewed a whopping 926 times. Next Teresa played with trending sounds and different content, creating 7 reels in total, which were viewed over 10,000 times! All that tech savvy paid off with over $1,600 earned for the stunt team. Way to go North Valley Christian Academy!