Reflecting on a Rewarding 2018: A Message from the FUNDrive® Director

Written by: Allison K., Director of FUNDrive®, December 20, 2018

It has been one spectacular year for the FUNDrive® program and the nonprofit organizations that participate. In 2018, over 6,000 local nonprofit organizations earned more than $3.6 Million through hosting FUNDrive® events and the referral program. Groups across the United States and Canada not only earned funds to support their missions, but they also prevented over one million pounds of clothing and soft goods from going into local landfills. Talk about a win-win!

Throughout the year FUNDrive event coordinators had the privilege of working with several passionate fundraising organizers who were making a difference in their communities. From Utah's Perfect Pointers who made it possible for canine friends to receive dental treatments (read more here), to SacredHand Canada that raised funds to purchase dinners and survival kits for the homeless, community organizations are impacting our world in a very positive way.

The FUNDrive team is looking forward to continuing to help local nonprofits throughout the US and Canada meet their fundraising goals this upcoming year. We are excited to share your stories on the FUNDrive blog and social media channels, and eager for you to experience easy signup and event management on the newly redesigned FUNDrive website. With this new portal, you can create a personalized event page and share it with your entire network through Twitter, Facebook and email. Most importantly, the FUNDrive team is committed to ensuring you and your team have all the tools necessary to meet your fundraising goals.

For those of you who have utilized the FUNDrive program in the past, we thank you. Your continued enthusiasm is what keeps this program going and we look to you for our next wave of FUNDrive fundraisers. We find the best recommendations come through word of mouth and encourage you to participate in our referral program. The referral program allows you to earn cash for your nonprofit organization for doing something you probably already do, spreading the word about the FUNDrive program. Reach out to your FUNDrive representative to learn more.

The year 2019 will be another great year filled with passion for the nonprofit organizations that shape our communities and help to keep our planet green through the power of reuse. Enjoy the holidays and take time to reflect as we anticipate many great things to come.

Happy New Year,

Allison K.


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