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Referral Bonus Success!

Written by: FUNDrive Team, February 18, 2022

Referral Bonus Success!

Boy Scout Troop 320 of St. Mary’s church in Clyde, OH are always looking for new fundraising options, and through the 77 years of their existence they have pretty much tried them all. Then in 2017 Savers® opened in their area and brought along with it a new, eco-friendly fundraising option with FUNDrive®.

Over the past few years, they have perfected their FUNDrive® game: learning how to promote their drives on social media, making use of a gym to store their donations, and maxing out on the number of drives they could host a year. After hosting 11 FUNDrives®, the Boy Scouts of Troop 320 have earned over $9,000 to help the scouts attend summer camps, fund membership renewals, purchase and repair new scout equipment, but the group was looking for more ways to add to that fundraising bottom line when they discovered the FUNDrive® referral bonus program.

The FUNDrive® referral bonus program allowed the group to earn funds between events, simply by sharing their favorite eco-friendly fundraiser. Organizations can earn $50 and their referred organization earns $50 – a true win-win and a way to maximize fundraising with very minimal effort!

The new FUNDrive® referral bonus page has made earning those extra funds even easier, with sharable links that let the Troop spread the word about FUNDrive® via Facebook, email, or text with just the click of a button.

Boy Scout Troop 320 has referred the FUNDrive® program to multiple nonprofits in their area, including two that have already completed their first events, earning the Scouts of Troop 320 an extra $100, just for sharing their referral bonus code!

Now it’s your turn to take advantage of the referral bonus program! Log in to check out the all new referral bonus page, share your referral code, and start earning those extra dollars like the Boy Scouts of Troop 320.