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Laura Pethick, Foundation for Education Canada, talks about the importance of enrichment opportunities and after school programs and how to fund them.

Written by: FUNDrive Team, August 26, 2022

The Foundation for Education offers enriched learning workshops in arts and life skills to local students that go above and beyond the curriculum education and offer a caring fund to help remove barriers for student learning.

From hip hop classes to getting kids glasses, programs on nutrition to an introduction to poetry, these enriched learning opportunities and funding for learning needs open students to a whole new realm of possibilities. But it all costs money. The Foundation raises money to provide these services free to the classroom giving students opportunities to learn new skills led by local artists can spark new passions for hobbies or careers can be inspired.

FUNDrive® offers another way to earn funds without selling door-to-door but by collecting items no longer needed by your community such as clothing, small electronics, books, and more. See what Laura Pethick has to say.

“We know that we need to continually fundraise so we can exist as a charity and deliver on our mission work of providing enriched learning opportunities for youth. FUNDrive® is a free way for local schools to help us do that,” says Laura. “Now that I know what’s a reasonable ask, you could easily collect 1,200 lbs of stuff three or four times a year and turn that into good cash flow for your organization or foundation,” she adds. “We loved to see the students get involved, whether they need to complete their 40 volunteer hours to graduate or they’re going above and beyond, it’s neat to see them getting involved.”

A success story we loved hearing is of a student who had never used a sewing machine in her life and started taking some classes in the enrichment program. Not only did she love it and thrived, she went on to graduate from Ryerson University in fashion design.

“FUNDrive® is a realistic fundraiser we can do on a regular basis. It’s a win for us, a win for landfills, and a free way to help us. It’s got a lot of potential to become our signature event,” adds Laura.

We say, “keep up the good work as inspired minds become inspiring people.”