How Tidying Up Can Mean Big Wins for Your Nonprofit

Written by: Ladaska Burton, Marketing Manager—FUNDrive® Digital, January 28, 2019

Have you seen the new Netflix series that has everyone in a tizzy? In case you haven’t heard, “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” features organization expert Marie Kondo as she works to help her clients clear the clutter in their homes. The end results are definitely inspiring and motiving many to take another look at all the stuff laying around unused. Now more than ever, people are clamoring to rid their homes of items they no longer need. As a fundraising organizer, this can mean an opportunity for your nonprofit organization. Those items that no longer bring joy can take on new life and mean much needed funds for your organization. Read below for ways this wave of motivation can benefit you and your team.

Host a Declutter Collection Drive

A themed FUNDrive event can be fun and helps generate excitement among participants and supporters. Take advantage of this trend and host a declutter collection drive directly benefiting your nonprofit. Present the event as a challenge with opportunities for participants to post their progress on social media. Set up one big collection date or schedule several pickup dates throughout your event. The more pickup dates scheduled, the more opportunities for supporters to donate and find time to rid themselves of items that no longer bring them joy. Partner with a local business to offer a prize to the supporter with the biggest before-and-after change. Reveal the winner of the challenge and the total amount raised at the conclusion of your event.

Organize a Declutter TV Event Watch Party

If you’re not sold on a collection drive theme, consider a launch party. Generate excitement and spark ideas by holding your very own party to watch the “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” show on Netflix. Use this time to watch an episode of the Netflix show while also passing out flyers and signs for your event as well as bags for collection. This is also a good time to record bag collection pledges. After collectively watching the impact decluttering can have on one’s life, your group may find it a little easier to fill their donation bags.


Display your FUNDrive event poster at local consignment shops

With such an influx of people donating items to consignment and second-hand stores; some are turning people away. Reach out to a local store to see if they’d be willing to post a flyer for your event. Instead of turning people away, the store can recommend customers donate their items to your organization and save them from being thrown away. Another option is to request the store set the items aside or put out a bin that you could check periodically throughout your event.

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