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Haiti Arise Ministries Society raises $3,180 with their FUNDrive®

Written by: FUNDrive Team, May 18, 2021

Haiti ARISE is a church based nonprofit with locations in the United States and Canada. Haiti ARISE was founded by Marc and Lisa Honorat. Marc is a native Haitian and the couple is dedicated to raising money to provide relief efforts in Haiti. Margaret, the organizer for their FUNDrive® in Edmonton, Canada, told us that a FUNDrive is a lot less work and a lot more satisfying than selling cookie dough, and she shared plenty of great tips and tricks that ensured her fundraising success and helped her nonprofit raise $3,180.

Build on your previous drives.

Like anything in life, a FUNDrive® gets even easier the second time around. Margaret and her team at Haiti ARISE Ministries Society have completed three FUNDrive events now and the community knows the drill. They have seen first-hand how easy it is to make a difference, just by dropping off items they no longer use to Haiti ARISE. And once people became familiar with Haiti ARISE’s FUNDrive® events, they started telling more people, who told more people, (just what we hope for!) and word of mouth even brought in other churches, who spread the word about Haiti ARISES’ FUNDrive in their communities. So one FUNDrive® success led right to the next.

Make it easy for people to contribute.

”Provide multiple collection times and locations. This allowed people in the community to drop off their items at places that are convenient to them when they are in the area. Margaret also made sure they accepted donations for a longer period of time, not just one day, giving people the chance to make a difference on their schedule, rather than having to schedule a special trip to donate.

Highlight all the benefits. More reasons to “win-win-win-win” with FUNDrive®.

Yes, they’re a great way to earn funds for your nonprofit, but that isn’t the only benefit. Margaret calls FUNDrive® a win-win-win-win: • A win for the environment, an especially sensitive issue in her area as they have a large landfill close by • A win for Haiti ARISE Ministries • A win for the community who gets to make a difference and declutter their homes responsibly • A win for thrift lovers who are waiting to love these donated items a second time around By highlighting all the ways in which FUNDrive® helps nonprofits and the community, Margaret gave people even more motivation to contribute to a successful event.

Ready for your FUNDrive®? All it takes are three easy steps:

  1. Sign up here – it’s quick and easy
  2. Promote and collect – tell your friends, neighbors, and post on social media that you’re looking for donations of gently loved clothing and household items
  3. Earn money – we’ll buy those items you collected and pay your nonprofit directly

Get started now!