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Give FUNDrive® as a Gift to a Local Nonprofit

Written by: FUNDrive Team, December 01, 2021

This time of year, we often find ourselves reflecting on all that we are grateful for and looking for ways to give back to our community. Hosting a FUNDrive® for a local nonprofit is a wonderful “gift” and way to celebrate the giving season while making a difference all year long. Arbor View High School, in Las Vegas, did just that, hosting a FUNDrive® to help victims of domestic abuse and pulling together as a school in the process. Read on to learn how this high school worked to make a difference.

Arbor View High School students benefit from fundraisers themselves each year, allowing them to participate in athletics and extracurricular activities. But this group of inspirating students (some thirty different classrooms) didn’t want to fundraise only for themselves, they wanted to share their good fortune to help strengthen their community. When the student council heard about SafeNest, a Las Vegas nonprofit committed to treating the entire cycle of domestic violence through programs and services, the students knew they wanted to find a way to support them.

Hosting a FUNDrive® to benefit SafeNest was a way to get students involved, without having to sell anything door-to-door. The student council headed up the FUNDrive® and used friendly competition to motivate. The class that brought in the most donations won a pizza party, a gift card for the teacher, and candy. But even those that didn’t win the grand prize still got a little something for all their hard work and donations. And SafeNest got $600 toward their cause after students collected 2,500 pounds of clothing and household items. Way to go Arbor View High School!

Do you have a nonprofit in mind you would like to help? Get started on your FUNDrive® now.