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Five Proven Tips to Organize your Team for a Successful FUNDrive® Event

Written by: Joanne Sezon, Regional Development Manager - East, January 16, 2019

Five Proven Tips to Organize your Team for a Successful FUNDrive® Event

Hosting a successful FUNDrive® event isn’t just about your supporters. Success often comes down to how your nonprofit group prepares and organizes itself before you start collecting donations. Read below for tips on rallying your troops and making sure everyone does their part to secure a #FUNDriveWin.

Simplify your goal

You’ve set your goal. Now what? Make sure everyone on your team knows what it is. Put the goal in terms that are easy to understand. Visuals are a great way to do this. See below.

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Give everyone a personal goal

Sometimes an individual goal can be a great motivator. This smaller subset of your larger goal can help each member understand the role they play in achieving your groups objective and seems easier to achieve. This also makes it easier to check in with members during the event and keep a running tally of overall progress.

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Give a call to action

Charge everyone in your organization with getting the word out to their networks. Encourage them to share the event with their friends, families, neighbors, coworkers and more. An easy way to do this is through social media. Make sure each member of your organization is familiar with the group’s social media channels so they are able to easily share any information and updates you share. Don’t forget to tag the official FUNDrive Facebook page in your Facebook posts.

Equip your team with all they’ll need to spread the word. The "Resources" section in the FUNDrive portal is an excellent tool. In it you’ll find flyers, posters, yard signs and even email templates to address all your marketing needs.


Create excitement and increase the amount of goods collected by creating incentives. This can be a reward for a group or individual reaching a certain threshold or create a competition among the fundraisers of your group. Keep this low cost by working with local businesses to donate prizes. Sweeten the deal for your local partners by offering free advertising. If you’re a school, tickets to school events, special privileges and light-hearted fun at an administrator’s expense may do the trick.

Frequent Reminders

A mix of text, email, social media posts and calls to members will keep the event top of mind. Use this time to check in and gauge how collections are going, but also so you can offer support where needed. This task can be time consuming, so don’t be afraid to ask others in your organization for help.