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Community Organizations score a win-win with FUNDrive®

Written by: FUNDrive Team, August 24, 2021

Oftentimes fundraising can be hard, asking people to give money or buy things they might not want, like wrapping paper or chocolate bars. But FUNDrive® can turn fundraising into a win-win, like it did for three community nonprofits. They were able to earn money for their organizations, while helping their communities get organized and clear out items they no longer use. Add in the positive impacts FUNDrive has on the environment, like helping to keep 700 million pounds of reusable stuff out of landfills every year, and you have a fundraiser that is easy to feel good about.

Eliza at the North Falmouth Village Association in Massachusetts needed to replace their annual road race fundraiser due to Covid. When she heard about FUNDrive, she realized it was a way to earn funds without any overhead cost to her nonprofit. She got to work promoting the FUNDrive on Instagram and Facebook, as well as in their community newsletter and emails, but soon found that in their tight knit community, word of mouth generated the most donations. The participation by the community didn’t end at donations, hundreds of families pitched in to make the event a success. At the end of their FUNDrive, the North Falmouth Village Association collected 814 bags and earned about $1,500 for their organization.

Julie Milstead founded The Sofia Milstead Foundation in 2015 in memory of their 18-year-old daughter who died in a car accident. When Julie hosted their FUNDrive to help provide scholarships to graduating seniors at the high school her daughter attended, she tapped into the resources already at her fingertips, parenting groups on Facebook. As any parent of young children knows, kids grow fast and too small clothes can pile up quickly. So Julie gave those groups a place to donate those clothes, allowing the Foundation to earn money for a good cause, a hard opportunity to pass up.

When Audrey at the Kiwanis Club of Bellingham hosted their FUNDrive®, she looked at it like a service she was providing to her community. Due to the Covid pandemic, a lot of people in her community had been decluttering their households and had items to donate, but nowhere to take them. She gladly took those off their hands, keeping 2,500 pounds of reusable items out of landfills and raising over $500 for Kiwanis Club of Bellingham.

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