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Celebrate the season of generosity with a FUNDrive®

Written by: FUNDrive Team, December 08, 2020

No matter how you are celebrating the holidays this year, this joyful and festive season is a great time to get started on hosting a FUNDrive® to benefit your nonprofit.

People are looking to give back

Regardless of the challenges we’ve faced this year, the holidays are a special time to share with friends and family and give thanks for all the good the year has brought. And with that gratitude often comes the desire to give back to our communities. Many people are looking for ways they can help this year, and your FUNDrive® is an easy way for them to make an impact.

They don’t have to buy anything

There is no doubt about it, after shopping for friends and family, picking up gift cards for teachers and making sure to tuck something in the mail for the postal worker, it is easy to feel stretched financially during the holidays. FUNDrive® gives your community a way to give back by simply donating their unwanted items to your nonprofit organization. No need to buy chocolate bars to add to the ever-growing holiday treat pile, or splurge on another magazine subscription.

They can help the environment

Sometimes the holidays, and all the waste that goes along with them, can feel overwhelming. When your community donates their unwanted items to your FUNDrive®, they are doing their part to help keep millions of pounds of wonderfully reusable clothing and household items out of landfills every year! Get started on your holiday FUNDrive® today.