Celebrate National Catholic Schools Week with FUNDrive®

Written by: Fran Rose, FUNDrive® Market Associate, January 27, 2020

When considering catholic school fundraisers, FUNDrive® can be a viable vehicle to bring community awareness to Catholic School Education and bring in much needed funds. Most fundraising includes product sales, massive parent volunteer coordination, pledges from supporters, or grand events in the community. With FUNDrive, catholic schools can raise funds with no upfront costs or inventory for organizers, and no financial obligation to supporters. Here are a few reasons why FUNDrive works:

Extended Network

St James Catholic School in Danielson, CT posted information about their FUNDrive on their Facebook page. They asked the community at large to participate in cleaning out their closets and bring items to the school on a designated donation weekend. On the last weekend of October 2019, members of the town came out in droves. Many donors smiled and said they had been students years ago or they had friends with children in the school. On that one weekend, the school collected over 300 bags. Through additional efforts they had a final tally of 430 bags and earned over $2,200. 20191010 173028St James at Savers Drop off

Motivation and Friendly Competition

There’s nothing like a friendly competition to motivate people to reach a goal. The Immaculate Conception School of Marlborough, MA found this out by dangling the oh so enticing, “free dress day.” Students were so exciting about the possibility of a day without uniforms, that they encouraged their families and communities to dig a little deeper to find clothes for their fundraiser. What’s great about prizes such as these, is that they don’t cost a thing!

Space for Collection

Although not the case for all, some schools find they have a little extra storage space. This is perfect for schools that opt to collect over an extended period of time. Storing items in a central location can motivate students to see just how much they are collecting. 20191006 124942 HDR St James Fundraiser

With National Catholic Schools Week fast approaching, FUNDrive can be one more avenue to challenge student involvement in their school support, grow community collaboration as well as a truly empowering way to raise much needed funds.

If you’re looking to start a FUNDrive fundraiser for your catholic school, reach out to your FUNDrive® coordinator today or click here to learn more about FUNDrive® and complete the inquiry form to get started.

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