Big Wins for Little League

Written by: Jessica Tewey, Pasadena Baseball Parent, June 03, 2019

We are a first-year travel baseball team so we have lots of money to raise for all of our costs. Uniforms, transportation, room and board; it can all add up quickly. When brainstorming fundraising ideas, I recalled donating to a softball team clothing drive the previous year and got in touch with the organizer for more information. I was happy to be referred to my local FUNDrive® representative.

We got to work right away and scheduled our drop-off date. We chose a date two months out and decided to go with a one-day collection model. This worked for us because we could set the drop off location as our practice field and just hang out for a few hours. Prior to the drop off date, we advertised to all our friends, family and community. Facebook was a huge help. I also ordered 10 roadside signs that I positioned around at our town’s busiest intersections. Thankfully there was a template in the FUNDrive Resources section of the program website. We advertised the event and highlighted our advanced pickup and drop-off option if people couldn't make the specified date. That paid off. Before the day of our collection event, we already had several bags of donations!

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Our final collection day was truly a team effort. All the team members and their families were on hand to help unload donors’ cars and load them into our trucks and trailer. How do you keep a group of young, rowdy boys busy? Hostess Sno Balls® of course. An hour before our final drop off time, we all caravanned up the highway and lined up for drop off. FUNDrive team members at the dropoff location were very helpful and the kids were excited to take a picture with our FUNDrive check.

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Overall the event was a success and we look forward to using the funds earned for team uniforms! Teamwork really helped this event come together and the process was seamless. I've done fundraising for multiple sports teams and leagues for many years and this by far was one of the easiest fundraisers I have done. This required little time and no upfront cost, it was an easy win for the team.

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