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Animals rescued! Nonprofits use the power of community for fundraising success.

Written by: FUNDrive Team, March 09, 2021

Animal rescue organizations work hard to make the world a better place for our furry friends, and like all nonprofits, they need to fundraise to help as many animals as possible and support their mission.

Enter FUNDrive®, a way for nonprofits to earn money simply by collecting gently used items, no selling of chocolate bars or wrapping paper required. Here’s how two animal rescue nonprofits tapped into their engaged communities for a FUNDrive® and fundraising win.

Georgina Feral Cat Committee, a cat rescue in Ontario, CA that works to improve the conditions for feral cats, first spread the word about their FUNDrive® through their online community on Facebook. They have worked hard at growing their social media following and have been rewarded with a very committed Facebook community of over 1,000 people. This group also spreads the word about any upcoming FUNDrive® events with their own social media networks, extending the reach exponentially.

Georgina Feral Cat Committee didn’t stop at an online presence, they looked to the brick and mortar locations in their area that might also be able to lend a hand. One of their volunteers owns the local Jiffy Lube and offered up their location as a drop off site for donations every second Saturday for a few months. This central drop off location, combined with multiple drop off dates gave people ample opportunities to drop off their donations while they were out and about running errands.

Through the hard work of this nonprofit and their community, Georgina Feral Cat Committee earned $1,350 to support feral cats.

The Poppy Foundation, another animal rescue nonprofit that rescues special needs, chronically ill, unadopted, or abused cats, also looked to their social media community. They made sure to take advantage of the FUNDrive® tools that we provide, setting up their event page, and sharing their event online to their very active social media following. In addition to asking for Facebook shares they asked all their supporters to post on other community sites, like Nextdoor.

Now that the Poppy Foundation is on their fourth FUNDrive®, their community is ready to hit the ground running. Their supporters know it is a win-win, they get a chance to declutter their homes, while making a direct impact for special needs animals. People in their community have even started to save up their items so they can donate them to the next Poppy Foundation FUNDrive®.

This strong knit Poppy Foundation community has been able to raise over $2,300. Now it’s your turn for fundraising success. Start here!