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A Super Easy Alternative to Group Yard Sale Fatigue

Written by: Fran Rose, FUNDrive® Market Associate, June 13, 2019

A Super Easy Alternative to Group Yard Sale Fatigue

As the rainy season of spring gives way to the sunny days of summer, we prepare ourselves for that special time of year: Yard Sale Season. Whether you call it a yard, garage, rummage or tag sale; the truth is coordinating a mega resale event for your nonprofit seems like an easy fundraising idea, however, with everyone’s busy schedules the workload often falls to the same volunteers year after year.

Great Idea but a Lot of Work

Yard sale fundraisers require a lot of work to request, collect, coordinate and store donations. Each item must be individually priced and volunteers will most likely have to take time during the event to haggle with deal seeking customers. Let’s not forget the nightmare of selecting a date when volunteers are available and once everything has been flawlessly executed, you still end up with a lot of unsold product. Maybe it’s time for a change!

Time for a Change

Nonprofit organizers looking for quick fundraising ideas for nonprofits can save time and reduce impact on the planet this summer by replacing the group yard sale with a FUNDrive® clothing donation drive fundraiser. These types of fundraisers are easy to execute and require minimal setup and execution.

Simple Execution

Simply collect gently used clothing, shoes, accessories and household items from your community. Once collection is complete, you will deliver all the items to the drop off location on the day and time agreed upon with your FUNDrive representative. We purchase those items and pay your nonprofit directly*! Just imagine, that’s one transaction instead of hundreds of small ones.

Your FUNDrive® Rep

The best part of this unique fundraising idea, you have a FUNDrive representative to walk you through the entire process. Your FUNDrive rep will help with scheduling and give you tips and tricks to successfully execute your event. They'll also introduce you to the FUNDrive Resource Toolkit which you can access at any time. This toolkit contains marketing resources, how-to videos and even a bag estimator that helps you to track goals and monitor the success of your event.

Get Started

Sound simple? It is! Avoid volunteer and donor fatigue this summer and consider hosting a fundraiser that helps you clean out your closets and get rid of clutter. Visit today for more information and register your nonprofit organization.

*Terms and conditions apply. Reach out to your FUNDrive representative or contact for additional information.