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A socially distanced and easy way to fundraise during COVID-19 | FUNDrive®

Written by: Angela Binder, November 10, 2020

Here’s how a baseball team, 4-H Club, High School PTSA, and dance team made the most of our “new normal” by earning money for their nonprofit by collecting stuff instead of selling stuff with FUNDrive®—safely.

Here are their stories and three tips to hosting a successful FUNDrive®:

  1. Give your community the opportunity to get their space back.

Diane Pelton with Burtonsville Athletic Club needed to raise money to send their baseball team to the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. She knew that because people in her community were stuck at home, they were also taking the opportunity to get rid of their stuff. “Everyone was already cleaning out their closets during quarantine, but nobody in our area was taking any donations.” Hosting a FUNDrive® collection event, where FUNDrive buys the items donated and pays the nonprofit, gave Diane’s friends, neighbors, and coworkers a way to declutter responsibly while helping her baseball team raise $2,075 to support their dream of going to Cooperstown.

  1. Make dropping off donations contactless.

Not everyone is comfortable with face to face contact right now (even if you’re wearing masks), but it’s easy to make donating to your FUNDrive® event contactless. Diane at the Burtonsville Athletic Club requested donations be brought directly to her house and left on her covered porch or by her garage, as did Natasha Miller for Bow River Riders 4-H Light Horse Club, making it convenient, and with no direct interaction required.

Even centralized drop off locations can follow social distancing guidelines, just take it from Radford High School PTSA. They set up a curbside drop off in the driveway at their high school. The team was limited to 5 people, all wearing masks, who stayed at least six feet away and apart from each other while a drop off was being made. Once the car was safely out of the driveway, the PTSA volunteers would pick up the items. The distanced drop off paid off, the Radford High School PTSA’s FUNDrive raised $1,100 and rave reviews from the PTSA team. The organizer shared “FUNDrive is such an easy fundraiser, even when it’s not a pandemic.”

  1. Post, post, post!

Social media is an easy, contactless way to get the word out about your FUNDrive®. Post and post again about what your nonprofit is raising funds for and how people can donate. Sari Gallagher, earned $7,763 for the EDHS Dance Team Boosters over three months. Sari shared the details of their FUNDrive on social media, and asked the other parents of the dance team to do the same, but she didn’t just post once, she was continually reposting to ensure their FUNDrive stayed at the top of people’s social media feeds and the top of people’s minds.

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