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5 Simple Social Media Tips To Guarantee Fundraiser Success

Written by: Ladaska Burton, Marketing Manager—FUNDrive® Digital, September 23, 2019

Social media can be helpful when planning and getting the word out about your upcoming fundraiser. The use of social media can help energize your team and spread the word to members of your community. Here are five tips to help you up your social media game for your next FUNDrive® Fundraiser.

1. Make a post schedule

A social media post schedule is your plan for success. Decide before your fundraiser begins when you will make key posts. Create a list of major events such as kickoffs, special nights, checkpoints and final drop off. Match those events to dates and plan to post at least three times a week during your fundraising event. Platforms such as Facebook even allow you to create posts ahead of time and choose the date and time they should appear.

2. Know your social media platforms

There are several social media platforms available—Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. Which one is right for your organization? Do you need to use them all? It's important to identify what platforms are relevant to your supporters and your fundraising goals. Instagram is great for sharing photos but caters to a younger crowd. Looking to reach a wide range of age groups and tell your story in a variety of ways; then Facebook may be for you. Consider polling your fundraising team to see what platforms they're using, this will ensure they're engaged and share information with their networks.

3. Document everything

Those pictures you snapped at your planning meeting may seem insignificant, but can be social media gold. Candid shots can provide insight into your organization and add variety to your posts. Take pictures at every point during event preparation and throughout your fundraiser.

4. Tell your story

The ability to tell your story is one of the best aspects of social media. You can use pictures and video to show your organization mission in action and display supporter donations at work. Intermingle posts featuring your organization at work with posts requesting donations. This will help supporters connect with your organization and encourage more donations.

5. Share milestones

During the planning phase of your fundraiser, set a small series of goals. As you meet these goals, be sure to share these accomplishments on social media and thank supporters. Celebrating milestones can be invigorating for your team and supporters.

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