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5 Authentic Ways to Celebrate National Nonprofit Day

Written by: Ladaska Burton, Marketing Manager—FUNDrive® Digital, August 15, 2019

On August 17th, we observe National Nonprofit Day. This is a day set aside to recognize the immense effort nonprofits and charities put into making an impact in their communities and across the globe. You may be wondering how you and your team can recognize those who keep the mission of your organization alive. We’ve compiled five meaningful ways you can easily celebrate those most dedicated to your cause.

1. Send a Thank You Email

Set aside time on August 17 to send a heartfelt thank you email to employees and volunteers. Knowing they're appreciated can go a long way. Bonus points for personalized notes if your organization is small enough to do so.

2. Social Media Shout Outs

Public recognition can also be motivating. Utilize your organization's social media accounts to feature those most dedicated to your organization. Don't forget to use the #NationalNonprofitDay hashtag to bring awareness to your organization and the National Nonprofit Day observance.

3. Kickoff a FUNDrive® Event

Of course, this is the perfect time to kickoff a FUNDrive® fundraiser. Your nonprofit needs funds to fulfill your mission. Obviously, your employees and supporters will be on board. Use this day to announce you'll be hosting a fundraiser where they don't have to purchase a thing. Share the event date and encourage them to start cleaning out their closets. Did you know you can plan a FUNDrive in as little as six weeks?

4. Share a Success Story

Your employees and volunteers work hard; showcase the fruits of their labor by sharing stories of those your organization have helped. This will remind employees and supports of your organization impact on the community.

5. Schedule a Group Photo

Running a nonprofit can be busy work. With all the things that need to be done on the day of your events, likely, you don't have a photo of your amazing team. Gather everyone, wear the same color or same shirt as a display of solidarity. Make sure everyone gets a copy of the picture!

As a for-profit entity, we value the nonprofits that have utilized the FUNDrive program and want to take time to acknowledge all of the work they do.