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Collect donations of clothing and household goods to earn funds for your nonprofit

An eco-friendly and contact-free way to fundraise.

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Now, tell us a little about your nonprofit organization.

An eco-friendly and contact-free way to fundraise.

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From there you follow quick and easy steps to add nonprofit organization information and create a fundraiser.

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Step 1

Sign up.

Fill out the online form with your nonprofit organization’s info.

Step 2

Promote and collect.

Spread the word, then collect gently used clothing and household items.

Step 3

Earn money.

We’ll buy those items and pay your nonprofit directly, helping them reach their fundraising goals.

Referral Introduction Video

Fundraising success stories Fundraising success stories
FUNDrive superhero flying upward

That’s FUNDrive®

It’s not just good for your nonprofit, it’s good for the
environment too, recycling goods for others to use.