You collect. We fund.


How It Works

Host a fundraiser to collect used clothing and household items. We’ll buy those items from you and pay your school, church, team or other nonprofit! It’s easier than a bake sale and a lot less calories.


Create your FUNDrive® event. Provide your nonprofit organization's info, decide on your goal, and set up your event. We'll send you a contract to make it official. In just a few minutes you'll be ready to go!


Promote your drive. We have an entire toolkit of marketing materials: posters, flyers, social media ideas, plus step-by-step instructions. Plan to promote early and often! Read our FAQ for more info.


Make the exchange. Once your FUNDrive is over, you'll deliver the collected items to one of our convenient drop off locations near you. We'll weigh the items and payment will be made to your organization.

For Nonprofits

A FUNDrive is a simple and profitable way for your nonprofit to raise funds. Most fundraisers require you to spend your own money to buy things like candy bars, wrapping paper or popcorn. You then have to sell them in order to make money. That’s a lot of risk and a lot of work! With a FUNDrive, we make it super easy. Collect stuff from family and friends, then collect money for your cause when we buy from you.

Currently Accepting

We pay by the pound for goods such as: clothing, shoes, bedding/towels, and accessories.



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