The Bache-Martin School

One-day Donation Drive for Bache-Martin School

Clean Out Your Closets, Help the Environment and Help Raise money for Your Local School!! Come on Earth Day, Sunday, April 22nd to the front entrance of the Martin Building - 22nd and Brown, with your "tied" trash bags or small boxes from 10am-1pm, and get your Tax Donation Receipt! Enjoy a Cup of Coffee and Cookies after your drop off your donations that will be provided by our local High Point Cafe! Philagorilla Movers will donate movers and a 26' truck to help us transport some of the donations as well!! Make a Pledge!! Let us know the number of bags/boxes that you can donate! (you can add more than once!) This pledge will help us have some idea of what we can expect so we can be best prepared. If you would like to help out or if you have a car or truck that you would be willing to help deliver the donations starting at 1pm that would also be a huge help! Check out link below to sign up! We have some parent volunteers that are willing to store your bags in their homes the week before the event, if you are unable to attend that day. We would just request that you make a donation to the fundraiser in exchange...$5-10 depending on the number of bags as a suggestion. The donations raise money for the school based on the weight of items collect! So fill up those bags and small boxes!! You can declutter and free up space, while helping your local school and the environment! Please see the link below for "What we take" Funds also help support Big Brothers Big Sisters for Kids Sake Inc. The FESPP Group (FRIENDS OF EASTERN STATE PENITENTIARY) will also be having an Earth Day Event at the Play Pen Playground Park across the street as well!

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$1000 (0 bags)
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April 22 - April 22, 2018
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Front of the Martin Building on 22nd and Brown Street
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